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indiana Volunteer Militia

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Legal Notice Please Read

I understand that membership in the Indiana Volunteer Militia, a non government organization, does not entitle me to the use of Federal facilities or any Federal benefits of or at any US military installation.
I have never been, nor am I currently associated with, or am a member of any radical or racist group
(including but not limited to the KKK, Black Panthers, Aryan Nation, Communist Party USA, Al Qaeda, The Covenant, the Occupy movement, Street Gangs {MS-13, Latin Kings, Bloods, Crips, etc.} )that endorses, encourages, or advocates the violent and unlawful overthrow of the United States of America, the subversion of State and Federal Constitutions, and malicious attacks on American Citizens. I agree, that while a member of the Indiana Volunteer Militia, I will follow the lawful orders of my superiors. I understand that willful failure to follow the lawful orders of my superiors may result in membership discharge from the Indiana Volunteer Militia.  I will do nothing to bring dishonor, discredit, or shame to the Indiana Volunteer Militia thru intentional negligence or unlawful activities. At all times I will maintain Operational and Informational Security(OPSEC / INFOSEC) concerning the Indiana Volunteer Militia. I have never been convicted of a felony crime, nor do I have any felony charges pending against me.I will provide an NCIC background/security check initiated with the local law enforcement in my county or city within fourteen days. I will not hold the personnel of Indiana Volunteer Militia liable or responsible for any injuries received or sustained during training.