About Us


The Indiana Volunteer Militia was founded in November of 2012 and is a civil preparedness group.

Those who choose to join our ranks are American citizens that have come together as a group united by our moral beliefs and convictions regardless of color, race, or creed. We support and abide by the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. It is our goal to be prepared for the worst case scenario whether it’s a man made disaster, a natural disaster, or an economic collapse. We feel that it is better to look ahead and be prepared than to look back and regret when it comes to devastating and life threatening situations. Working and training together as a team will give us a higher chance of survival in any potential disaster that should befall us.

The Indiana Volunteer Militia is NOT affiliated with any kind of racial hate group such as the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood, or the Black Panthers to name a few. We are not radicals looking to overthrow our government and do not condone any group that participates in or initiates such activities; nor will we welcome any person who advocates or embraces those kind of malicious intentions.

We are not religious extremists nor do we promote religious lunacy when it comes to catastrophic circumstances. We do, however, have Christian beliefs and believe that America was founded on Christian principles.

As a parting thought, will you be able to answer your children and your grandchildren when they ask you the question: “What was America like when it was free?” It is our hope that we can help you answer that question honestly and without shame.

Thank you for your interest in the Indiana Volunteer Militia and we welcome you aboard !

Feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have.

For Life, Liberty and Freedom,
The State Command Team
Indiana Volunteer Militia

Semper Liberi
(Always Free)